What makes concrete superior to oak or steel?

Concrete wine tanks California

–Wine fermentation is a very important process in making wine. More and more people are interested in making wine, which involves the wine fermenting in large batches in tanks. While most people might believe that steel or oak tanks are the way to go, that really isn’t the case. In fact, there are many benefits to California concrete wine tanks over steel and oak. This blog post will take a closer look at a few of these benefits that make concrete a superior alternative to oak or steel wine tanks.

Benefits of concrete wine tanks over oak

When it comes to comparisons to oak, concrete wine tanks have several different advantages. First of all, they are a more affordable storage option, which is a huge positive if a person is storing and making lots of wine. Another big advantage is that concrete wine tanks are much easier to clean and sanitize, and will also be much longer lasting. Like oak, these concrete tanks allow for natural oxygenation of the wine, so that is not missed out on by going with concrete.

Benefits of concrete wine tanks over stainless steel

On a similar note, concrete wine tanks have several benefits over stainless steel tanks. One is the natural oxygenation we mentioned earlier and another is that refrigeration costs will be reduced, which is a huge benefit of course. Concrete tanks will also have similar life spans to stainless steel options and are just as easy to keep clean.

The biggest factors that make concrete superior to both stainless steel and oak simply comes down to cost effectiveness and and energy efficiency. Concrete is taking wine making into the 21st century as it will provide comparable products, while meeting all of the same standards people come to expect from their wine tanks.

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