We’ve already put some of Rajat Parr’s Sandhi Pinot Noir picked from Rita’s Crown vineyard into one of them. Because Rajat Parr tastes more international wine than anyone else I know, I asked him to articulate the differences he tastes in wines fermented in Concrete versus Stainless Steel or Oak. On the white side, he says “The best thing is that Concrete adds an extra layer of minerality and freshness to the wine that is clean without woody flavors. It allows high acid wines to stay nervy.” For red wines, Rajat says that Concrete is beneficial because “it keeps fermentation at a naturally stable temperature where the ferment won’t get too hot or cold”

Pete Stolpman – Stolpman Vineyards,

Concrete is like a cast iron skillet. Absorbing the flavors of everything that touches the surface and enhancing the flavors of the wines that will grace its walls. While winemaking became squeaky clean in the 80′s, 90′s and 00′s, we may have lost the essence of life. These tanks are alive, slowly maturing the wine.”

Matt Trevisan – Linne Calodo,

“It’s a purity thing. Cement does such a good job of showing a wine’s true terroir. Oak—even neutral oak—can mask those nuances, and stainless steel heightens the effect of acid in high-acid wines. Cement doesn’t do that. It doesn’t add or take away or mask the soil. It lets everything show. I can’t explain exactly how these tanks make the wine so seamless and velvety on the mid-palate. But every time I’ve done a blind tasting with the same wine in oak, stainless, and concrete, the concrete tanks win every time.”

Eric Jensen, Booker Vineyards,

I chose to purchase from Vino Vessel, Inc. because on the higher quality of wines that I believe we can produce using these products. The temperature control alone that you get from using a Vino Vessel is outstanding, and sustainable in regards to the small amount of energy it takes. Like a steel tank, you can ferment and age wine in a Vino Vessel, but unlike a steel tank, wine becomes more extracted while in a Vino Vessel and ages better due to the porosity of the tank. Customer service from Vino Vessel, Inc. is excellent.

The wine from our vessel has turned out excellent. We are still in the process of experimenting with the vessels to find out which wines benefit more from them. Our 2008 Zinfandel that was fermented in a Vino Vessel was recently poured at the Zinfandel Festival in Paso Robles where it received praise from all that gave it a try. I will continue to purchase Vino Vessels indefinitely.


Jake - Chronic Cellars,