First and foremost I wanted to support a local company. Second after looking at the product and the building process I was confident that Vino Vessel, Inc. could make the concrete tank that I was looking for.

Customer service is extremely important to me with all of my suppliers. Vino Vessel, Inc. was nothing short of what I expect of a working relationship. When I have questions I need answers ASAP. Also I want to provide any info that I have to the supplier.

So far the wines we have made using Vino Vessel tanks have been stellar. We have aged white wines that have a mid pallate that we have not experienced in the past. I have fermented in the Vino Vessel and the aromatics from the particular lots in comparison to the same reds in stainless or bins are extremely different for the better. I am also aging reds in the concrete and they will be exciting to blend with the wine aging in oak. The wine in the concrete is evolving like it was in a barrel without the flavors and aromas of the oak.

Of Course when the time is right we would like to pour some larger concrete tanks at the winery for aging and fermenting

Josh Peachy - Canyon Winery,