Here are some answers to your frequently asked questions:

What is the easiest way sanitize the tanks?
The most effective way is using proxyclean or ozonator. It is beneficial to have circulation of dry air. We caution against using hot water to clean tanks for the reason that heating the metal stainless steel embedded fittings could cause cracking.

Does the concrete have added minerals or chemicals?
Our custom mix design is free of all chemical additives. We use only purified water in our mix design.

What are the benefits of concrete?
Preserves the fruit profile and the nature terroir of the vineyard. Also because the concrete is porous the wine is less likely to be reductive.

Do you get better temperature control with concrete vessels?
Yes! More temperature controlled fermentations. You can save on labor by not having to monitor the temperature as often and save energy by not having to heat or cool as often.

Do these tanks last longer than barrels?
They do last longer than barrels. Especially when cared for properly.

How do you lift and move the tanks?
The VV150, VV270, VV477 can all be lifted with a 5000 lb. rated forklift. The larger models need a larger capacity forklift.

Can my winery’s logo be incorporated in my tank?
Yes, it is as easy as providing us with your digital artwork and your logo can be sandblasted on our tanks.