Winemaker Notes from Ryan Render

For some time now, I have been somewhat skeptical of the newest fads within the wine industry. From the unoaked Chardonnay to the animal on the label wines, I believe that fads come and go. Consequently, when I began looking at the use of concrete in my wines, I desired to taste the difference. I visited with friend and winemaker Charlie Wagner of Mer Soleil in Monterey to taste through some of his wines. I was immediately impressed with the freshness and body of the Chardonnay we tasted out of the Vino Vessel concrete tank. The fruit was bright and clean, with no sign of reduction, as the stainless tanks presented. The weight of the wine was that of a wine that had been in barrel, but without the presence of oak. At that moment, I sought to utilize concrete tanks in my wines. This past harvest, I purchased a VV 150 Pyramid. The fermentation was perfect. The juice was 67 degrees through the entire ferment , even with no chilling and the tank was outside in the Paso Robles heat. Now tasting through the Chardonnay I put in my VV 150 Pyramid I am sold on Vino Vessel Concrete for my wines. Concrete tanks have been around for a long time and will continue to be, especially at Rendarrio Vineyards.

Ryan Render