Notes from Winemaker, Josh Beckett of Chronic Cellars


I have been good friends with the Beckett Brothers from Peachy Canyon Winery and Chronic Cellars for years. Josh Beckett (winemaker) currently has three Vino Vessels. They have two vv270 hippo tanks (the very first proto-type might I add) and one vv970 cylinder. He has given us a little insight on his experience with concrete tanks below:

For the second year in a row I have taken some of our Rhone white wines and fermented them in Vino Vessel tanks.

I am extremely happy with the wines. The fermentation tends to hold a steady temperature allowing for a nice and consistent fermentation. Sometimes ferments tend to get hot and the wine moves at a rapid pace. This can cause for some unwanted aromas and mouthfeel. With the slow and cool ferment via the concrete we are able to not blow off any good aromas while having a clean fermentation.

When the ferment is complete we have been able to leave the wine on the sur lees longer giving the wine a softer and rounder mouthfeel. At the same time we have noticed a fuller mid palate of these same varietals than we have in years passed as we are also aging these whites in the Vino Vessel.

We have also had great success fermenting reds again this year. We fermented Zinfandel, Petite Sirah and Tannat this year in the Vino Vessel. In short I have noticed beautiful floral aromas from these varietals that I have not been introduced to in years past. At the same time the traditional aromas and flavors have been enhanced with the breathing of the concrete during fermentation without giving off flavors of a traditional barrel.


Josh Beckett