New space saving Vino Vessel, Inc. design “The Concrete Cone”

We are introducing our newest shape to our line of concrete fermenter's and storage vessels...
Meet the Concrete Cone

  • 348 gallon vessel
  • space saving design
  • save money by not adding the optional front manway
  • minimal head space

  • This tank is priced at $5975

A little insight on concrete vessels:

Vino Vessel is the first company in the United States to usher concrete winemaking tanks into the 21st century, harnessing concrete’s timeless benefits while meeting today’s standards of sanitation, durability and portability.

Our modern concrete tanks ultimately represent the best of both winemaking worlds, merging numerous qualities of oak and stainless steel while offering several distinct advantages over both.

Comparisons to Oak

Like oak barrels and uprights, our modern concrete tanks allow for the natural oxygenation of wine, which is the primary benefit of oak aging. The effect is similar to maturing a wine in neutral oak barrels, to achieve a specific style or to develop strategic blending components.

Advantages over Oak

· More affordable storage per gallon
· Easier to clean and sanitize
· Less space intensive
· Less labor intensive
· Longer lasting

Comparisons to Stainless Steel

Like stainless steel, our neutral concrete tanks are easy to clean and sanitize, and they come in a wide variety of styles and capacities with standardized fittings. The lifespan of our tanks also rivals stainless steel.

Advantages over Stainless Steel

· Natural oxygenation for enhanced wine maturation
· Better natural temperature stability during fermentation and aging
· Reduces refrigeration costs

With Vino Vessel, you can ultimately achieve comparable quality to wines crafted in oak or steel, but with added energy efficiency and cost effectiveness.

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