Concrete wine tanks Sonoma

Sonoma Concrete wine tanks

Vino Vessels is the biggest supplier of Concrete wine tanks in the United States. Concrete wine tanks are the most reliable fermentation vessels available. What is common sense to Vino Vessels is considered revolutionary to other wine makers. Concrete wine tanks are the most reliable formation vessels available.

Vino Vessels is truly a revolutionary company that was the first to harness the power of concrete to make exceptional wine tanks. Vino Vessels is a relatively small company tucked away in California’s Paso Robles wine county. It’s run by President and CEO Micah Utter, who had the genius idea of creating concrete wine tanks. The idea occurred to him naturally enough he’d been living in wine country and working as a concrete artisan for over 16 years. After hearing complaints from wine makers, he had the idea to merge concrete’s timeless benefits with the technical advantages of modern wine tanks. After dozens of attempts to create his vision of the best wine fermentation vessel, and he succeeded with concrete.

Vino Vessels Sonoma Concrete wine tanks are portable and come in 7 different styles and sizes. We manufacture them completely in the United States and can ship and set up anywhere nationwide. We are also doing custom tanks, if you bring them to us, we can incorporate rocks from your vineyard, giving you a fully unique and custom tank. As for our standard Sonoma concrete wine tanks, they come in oval, square, and pyramid shapes that range in volume containment from 70 gallons to nearly a thousand. There is no vineyard we cannot outfit with our wine tanks.

Concrete wine tanks in Sonoma

Sonoma concrete wine tanks marry the best of all the other options that are currently available. They have the perfect balance between the natural oxygenation of the traditional oak fermentation vessels, but without the downsides that are associated with that style. Oak vessels are perfect for natural oxygenation, but they can mute the taste of the wine, and require excessive effort when you sanitize it. Concrete wine tanks allow the wine to ferment and oxygenate naturally like oak does, but they’re sturdier, and doesn’t mess with the wines natural flavor.

Sonoma concrete wine tanks also surpass the stainless steel options on the market. The concrete wine tanks are more efficient than the stainless steel options, and have the upper hand on the oxygenation processes. Stainless steel wine tanks require oxygen to be forced in, which compromises the flavor and aroma of the wine.

About Sonoma

Sonoma has been heralded far and wine as one of the best places in the United States to grow grapes and make wine. Sonoma is home to over 400 wineries, miles and miles of beautiful Pacific coastline, 50 national and regional parks, and redwood forests that make it the perfect destination for a business and pleasure trip or just a relaxing trip away.