Concrete wine tanks California

Concrete wine tanks California Once you escape from the concrete jungles of LA and San Francisco, you enter into California’s famous wine country. There are over a thousand wineries, and just shy of 900,000 acres of grape vineyards. And nestled into the wine community near Paso Robles, Vino Vessels have created an ingenious way to better ferment the grapes into wine: concrete wine tanks. Using concrete may seem crazy at first, but California concrete wine tanks have several distinct advantages over stainless steel and the traditional oak barrels.

The traditional oak barrels are flimsy, they can affect the taste of the wind, and it’s a difficult product to keep sanitized, so they need to be replaced frequently. The stainless steel on the other hand are very easy to clean, and not very flimsy. The downside to stainless steel is that it doesn’t oxygenate naturally like oak does, and the wine suffers for it.

California concrete wine tanks are a perfect marriage between the two designs. They’re portable and sturdy, but they also allow the wine to naturally oxygenate naturally. They are just as easy to clean as Stainless steel, and last longer than oak, but leave the taste to the grapes.

Each of these concrete wine tanks are perfect for either white or red wine, and have produced some of the best wines to come out of the Paso Robles area.

Vino Vessels California concrete wine tanks are produced right here in Paso Robles. The founder Micah Utter is now the President and SEO of the company, and leads the charge towards replacing all the oak and stainless steel wine barrels with California concrete wine tanks. He’d lived as a concrete artisan for 16 years before finding the perfect method to turn concrete into the perfect concrete wine tank for any and every vineyard.

Vino Vessels concrete wine tanks come in 7 different designs and sizes:

  • The pyramid, which comes with a standard 150 gallon barrel capacity.
  • The Hippo, with a standard 270 gallon barrel capacity.
  • The Cylinder, which comes standard at 477 gallon capacity, but is also available In 570, and 750 gallon capacity sizes.
  • There’s the cube, which is the second biggest standard, it can hold 935 gallons of wine, but is also available in 1083.
  • The Oval is the biggest in standard sizes, it’s got a 970 gallon capacity barrel, and the custom size on this is 750.
  • The Cone has a capacity of 348.
  • And the smallest we offer is called the Eco Barrel, which can carry up to 70 gallons of wine.


California is the place to go in the United States when you want to try some good wine. Once you escape the concrete jungles of the big cities it’s nothing but beaches, vineyards, and trees. If you can’t visit, we do ship and set up our California concrete wine tanks across the nation ourselves.