Concrete wine fermentation vessels California

Concrete Wine Fermentation Vessels California

Grapes turn into wine through a process known as fermentation. Wine fermentation occurs when yeast consumes sugar and converts it into approximately half alcohol and half Co2 gas. To do this on a large scale efficiently and safely, wineries purchase and use wine fermentation vessels.

Providing the best Concrete Wine Fermentation Vessels in California

Traditionally these are oak barrels standing up right or lain down on their side, and there have been developments in the last century that encourages the use of stainless steel vessels. The container that your wine ferments in is almost as important as the grapes that make the wine.

The stainless steel and oak options do have several pros and cons over the other that tend to leave them fairly well balanced. Until recently Vino Vessels founder Micah Utter listened to wine makers, and vineyard owners, he heard their complaints about the oak and stainless steel wine fermentation barrels, and he decided to make a change. He found his solution in the concrete he’d been working with for over 16 years.

California concrete wine fermentation vessels are the perfect marriage between the other vessels available. They’re sturdy, and easy to clean, without having to force air in to oxygenate the wine with. The concrete wine fermentation vessels are also easier to maintain the optimal temperature for fermentation in. An especially hot or cold day with a concrete wine vessel is nothing compared to in an oak or stainless steel. There’s no compromise to structure, reliability, or even the taste with these vessels over the competitors.

Properly cared for our concrete wine vessels can last much longer than the oak or even the stainless steel options. Our fermentation vessels are free of any chemical additives, simply using purified water in our cement mix. They’re also customizable, with 7 standard shapes and several with multiple storage options. And if you’d like, we can even sand blast your company’s logo into the sine of the cement wine fermentation vessel itself, making it all the more special for your company. There is even a special customization option where you bring rocks from your own vineyard and Vino Vessels will incorporate them into your concrete wine fermentation vessel—making it not just a tool, but something special and down to the earth your grapes grow out of.

California concrete wine vessels bring wine making fully into the 21st century. They harness the timeless qualities that have made concrete a staple of human development since the dawn of humanity. Concrete wine fermentation vessels bring to the front of the stage all the wonderful things we love about the oak and stainless steel vessels, match up to today’s standards for reliability, quality, sanitation, and even have room to make sure that there are no compromises when it comes to the taste of the wine.

Vino Vessels ships their amazing California concrete wine fermentation vessels nationwide, even going so far as to set them up for you when they arrive. But we definitely encourage our customers to make the trip into the heart of California’s wine country and see our facilities for yourself.