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Creating concrete fermentation tanks

Developing old technology When Jake and Josh Beckett started researching new winemaking techniques for their new winery, Chronic Cellars, a little over a year ago, they came across a new trend in France: the use of fermentation tanks made of concrete. Instead of contacting the French producers of those tanks, however, they called an old…
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Concrete Strides for Fermenting Tanks

Concrete tanks find solid support from California industry. Paso Robles, Calif. — Concrete fermenters have long been a staple of the European industry, as they were with the immigrant winemakers of the New World, but with the advent of oak barrels and stainless steel tanks, the market for them crumbled decades ago. In the past…
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Concrete fermenters: from old school to New World Wines & Vines

You see them when you tour older wineries in poorer parts of Spain or Portugal–big cement fermentation tanks, squarish in proportion and often open-topped or covered with a slab of metal. To those of us accustomed to polished stainless steel fermenters, they seem a throwback to the dark ages of winemaking, days when barber-surgeons operated…
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Fermenting Wine in Cement Tanks

Users cite excellent temperature retention, ease of handling and ability to breathe among the attributes of cement tanks. Sometimes in the wine world, changes that seem new can also be very old, perhaps almost as old as dirt. The Romans, for instance, were using cement vessels to ferment wine 2,000 years ago. While the material…
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