Winemaker Notes from Ryan Render

For some time now, I have been somewhat skeptical of the newest fads within the wine industry. From the unoaked Chardonnay to the animal on the label wines, I believe that fads come and go. Consequently, when I began looking at the use of concrete in my wines, I desired to taste the difference. I…
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Winemaker notes from Steve Edmunds

I spent 20 of Edmunds St. Johns' 25 years wishing I could make wine in concrete, after discovering that some of the finest wines I've tasted in nearly 40 years in this business were made entirely in concrete. They tasted that way for several really important reasons: first, they were made from really exceptional grapes,…
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Notes from Winemaker, Josh Beckett of Chronic Cellars

A NOTE FROM WINEMAKER, JOSH BECKETT, CHRONIC CELLARS I have been good friends with the Beckett Brothers from Peachy Canyon Winery and Chronic Cellars for years. Josh Beckett (winemaker) currently has three Vino Vessels. They have two vv270 hippo tanks (the very first proto-type might I add) and one vv970 cylinder. He has given us…
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