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The Vino Vessel Advantages! Vino Vessel is the first company in the United States to usher concrete winemaking tanks into the 21st century, harnessing concrete’s timeless benefits while meeting today’s standards of sanitation, durability and portability. Our modern concrete tanks ultimately represent the best of both winemaking worlds, merging numerous qualities of oak and stainless [...]

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Wine Notes: Creating concrete fermentation tanks Developing old technology Janis Switzer When Jake and Josh Beckett started researching new winemaking techniques for their new winery, Chronic Cellars, a little over a year ago, they came across a new trend in France: the use of fermentation tanks made of concrete. Instead of contacting the French producers [...]

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Concrete Strides for FermentingTanks Concrete tanks find solid support from California industry by Jane Firstenfeld Paso Robles, Calif. — Concrete fermenters have long been a staple of the European industry, as they were with the immigrant winemakers of the New World, but with the advent of oak barrels and stainless steel tanks, the market for [...]