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2017 is our 10 year anniversary!

State of the art fermentation and storage vessels made in the heart of Paso Robles wine country. Concrete has produced many of the top rated wines from Paso Robles and all over the world. Building quality vessels ranging from 70-1300 gallons, for both red and white wines since 2007. See what all of the buzz is about!

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Our modern concrete tanks ultimately represent the best of both winemaking worlds, merging numerous qualities of oak and stainless steel while offering several distinct advantages over both.... Read More

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Like oak barrels and uprights, our modern concrete tanks allow for the natural oxygenation of wine, which is the primary... Read More

Comparisons to Stainless Steel

Like stainless steel, our neutral concrete tanks are easy to clean and sanitize, and they come in a wide variety of styles... Read More

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Concrete wine tanks Paso Robles and Everywhere!

Concrete wine tanks Paso Robles

Nestled in southern California near Paso Robles, a company called Vino Vessel inc. is creating a revolutionary new system of wine fermentation and storage. Vino Vessel is the first company in the United States that specializes in using Concrete wine tanks. Concrete wine tanks are definitely something that will change the way you see your entire wine making process.

Paso Robles Concrete wine tanks have several distinct advantages over traditional oak barrels, or the newer stainless steel casks.

Concrete wine tanks combine the beneficial oxygenation qualities of oak with the efficiency and durability of stainless steel, Vino Vessel offers a uniquely cost-effective solution for the fermentation and aging of fine wines.

During the fermentation process it is crucial to have some oxygen involved in the mix. When correctly applied, oxygen interacts with both the yeast and the wine. If there is too much oxygen it causes problems, and results in a dead and flat tasting wine, if there’s not enough oxygen it doesn’t ferment correctly and tastes terrible.

Paso Robles Concrete wine tanks are far and above the best option for natural oxidization, as the stainless steel vessels and fermenters are too airtight to be good for this sort of thing. Your stainless steel fermenter needs air forced in for oxygenation, whereas the concrete one will naturally allow the correct amount of air in.

Traditional wineries use Oak Barrels for their fermentation and storage. Oak used to be considered the best because of the way it let in the oxygen and left a specific and delicious flavor. Oak barrels are in fact very good at naturally oxygenizing the fermenting wine, but it comes with a serious downside.

Oak wine vessels are much more of a struggle to keep clean without damaging them. Stainless steel has the benefit of being easily sanitized; whereas the oak barrels are much more difficult, meaning you’ll have to replace them more often. Vino Vessels concrete wine tanks are just as easy to clean as the stainless steel ones, with all the beautiful benefits of the natural oxidization.

Paso Robles concrete wine takes range in size, shape, and capabilities all the way from 70 gallons up to 970 gallons. They’re cheaper than either option per square gallon by a long shot and will last even longer. The manufacturing facility is based out of Paso Robles in the heart of Wine Country California, and while we encourage our customers to visit us and experience our facility and the magnificence of the area, we do ship nationwide.

Vino Vessels offers seven different styles of tanks in a variety of shapes and sizes, guaranteed to satisfy not just you and your grapes, but your taste buds as well. If you’re curious about us and what we do, visit us in Paso Robles. Paso Robles is home to over a hundred different wineries, and over 26,000 acres of vineyard. Vino Vessels concrete wine tanks are manufactured right in the home of California’s wine country. It’s worth the trip for any wine enthusiast, and general lover of great views.