Define Your Wine With Concrete.

USA’s leading concrete vessel manufacturer. State of the art fermentation and storage vessels made in the heart of Paso Robles wine country. Concrete has produced many of the top rated wines from Paso Robles and all over the world. Building quality vessels ranging from 70-1300 gallons, for both red and white wines since 2007. See what all of the buzz is about!

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Combining the beneficial oxygenation qualities of oak with the efficiency and durability of stainless steel, Vino Vessel offers a uniquely cost-effective solution for the fermentation and aging of fine wines.

Vino Vessel was established in the Paso Robles wine country by concrete artisan Micah Utter, who was driven to address numerous winemaking needs expressed by local winemakers. The result is an innovative new line of concrete tanks for the production of both white and red wines.

“The wines we have made using Vino Vessel tanks have been stellar… The wine in the concrete is evolving like it was in a barrel, but without the flavors and aromas of oak.” -Josh Beckett, Peachy Canyon Winery

“The temperature control alone that you get from using a Vino Vessel is outstanding, and it’s sustainable in regards to the small amount of energy it takes.” -Jake, Chronic Cellars

“It’s a purity thing. Cement does such a good job of showing a wine’s true terroir. Oak—even neutral oak—can mask those nuances, and stainless steel heightens the effect of acid in high-acid wines. Cement doesn’t do that. It doesn’t add or take away or mask the soil. It lets everything show. I can’t explain exactly how these tanks make the wine so seamless and velvety on the mid-palate. But every time I’ve done a blind tasting with the same wine in oak, stainless, and concrete, the concrete tanks win every time.” -Eric Jensen, Booker Vineyards

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